Start of school in Spa

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Spa

Beautiful blue Danube and Deep ocean

After a month of summer break, Anthoine Hubert finds the road of tracks with the GP3 Series, which will shift in the second half of the Championship, the next weekend on the track of Spa-Francorchamps. After his second podium of the season, obtained at the end of July at the Hungaroring, Anthoine joined the other side of the Magyar scene to enjoy the Hungarian capital’s charms and to reload the batteries. “I took a few days’ vacation with friends, in Hungary, then I get a bit of rest in Corsica with my family. This break was useful to prepare the following of the year, which will be dense.”

Not so bad ! (Spa si mal !)

Major place for Motorsport, the Spa-Francorchamps track is invariably considered as one of the season’s justices of the peace. Since his beginning on the Ardennes’ toboggan in 2013 in Formula 4, Anthoine built an eloquent track record in Spa. “Three victories on the same weekend, for my beginnings in motor sport, I am not ready to forget them” Anthoine smiles, “In Formula Renault 2.0 and in F3, it was also pretty good with a podium each time. Thus, I come back here with great pleasure and I’m curious to see how the GP3 will behave on this legendary track.”

The ART of simulation

To ensure all the assets on his side, Anthoine refined his preparation of Spa-Francorchamps with ART Grand Prix, in the French team simulator. “After some days of rest, I was eager to get back behind the wheel, even if it was the simulator in a first time!” Anthoine laughs. “With ART, the simulation is quite an art! It is useful to be confident on a meeting. In Spa, I have confidence that I can continue to progress in qualifications. Even if the position on the starting grid isn’t enough in Spa because we generally can pass during the race, to be in the lead is still a good launch pad to mark big points in the race. I’m the 3rd of the Championship and everything is at stake while we enter in the second part of the Championship!”.


Free sessionsFriday, 8:30am to 9:15am
Qualifying sessionsFriday, 5:10pm to 5:40pm
Race 1Saturday, 5:35pm
Race 2Sunday, 9:00am