Anthoine in the points in Spa

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Hungaroging

Anthoine Hubert was plagued by bad luck on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps which he left with two points and the 5th place in the championship. On one of his fetish track where he had always shone, the gray sky of the Ardennes got the better of his ambitions. The weather broke his run-up in qualifying and the mechanics betrayed him as he was making a quick comeback in the feature race. Anthoine did not give up and showed that he had the potential to fight with the best by climbing from the 19th to the 7th place in the sprint race. It is with this positive dynamic that he is already preparing the races of Monza that will take place next weekend.

Free Practice
Meteo : Sunny
Temperature : 15°C

1.  Boccolacci2:06.163
2.  Calderon2:06.568
3.  Joerg2:06.569
16.  Hubert2:08.283

Anthoine started off on the right foot at Spa-Francorchamps by adapting his free practice program to particularly cool weather conditions on Friday morning. He signed the best provisional time of the session before concentrating on the car's behavior in racing configuration and not on his qualifying version for which different track conditions (grip, air and track temperature) were expected. "We kept a set of tyres hoping to be able to benefit from it in the race, hence our modest classification in free practice. But the competitiveness was really good and I was confident for qualifying."

Qualifying session
Meteo : Wet track following a stormy rain
Temperature : 24°C

1.  Russell2:27.042
2.  Fukuzumi2:27.316
3.  Maini2:27.741
17.  Hubert2:29.882

The qualifying session was disputed in changing and tricky conditions with a wet track at the beginning and drying on the end. In a lottery where it was appropriate to be in the right place at the right time, Anthoine did not win the jackpot. “Small mistakes put us out of the game : lack of performance, imperfections in driving, incomprehension in communication and hesitation when changing tyres… In the end, it figures a lot. The top 10 was within our reach so starting 17th was really disappointing."

Feature race
Meteo : Cloudy
Temperature : 23°C

1.  Russell
2.  Aitken+7.460
3.  Fukuzumi+7.807
  Hubert : Out due to mechanical breakdown

Anthoine made a good start and gained three positions in the first lap by skilfully steering between the turbulent duels at the start of the race. He gave a new impetus to his rise by showing up to the 11th place from the 3rd lap. He was preparing himself to enter into the points and fight for the pole position of the second race when his mechanics gave way. "Even if I was starting 17th, I knew that the weekend was not ruined because it is possible to overtake in Spa, with or without DRS. The top 8 was my goal and I was getting close, but an opponent pushed me off-track and a lot of grass went in both radiators. The water temperature soared and I had to give up. It was really at that moment that my weekend was ruined because we were putting things back on an even keel after our lack of performance in qualifying."

Sprint race
Meteo : Cloudy
Temperature : 16°C

1.  Alesi
2.  Russell+3.323
3.  Tveter+3.813
7.  Hubert+14.667

Starting from the 19th place on the grid, Anthoine made another solid start by following an inside racing line which allowed him to win three places before the first corner. He entered a race pace similar to the one of the leaders and continued his rise to the 7th place which allowed him to score two points. "We finished the demonstration of yesterday: our performance on dry track was excellent and it is frustrating because we could have scored good points in both races. But we must build the future by retaining the positives elements and it is with this state of mind and the certainty that we are fast that we are already preparing Monza. I don’t know this circuit, it is not the most difficult to memorize but it can certainly be traitorous: one can lose a lot of time in the chicanes where braking is very important. I’m looking forward the next weekend to forget all about Spa and find back the outposts!".


1.  Russell137
2.  Aitken101
3.  Fukuzumi95
4.  Alesi87
5.  Anthoine Hubert80