Anthoine on the Hungaroring podium

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Hungaroging

Anthoine Hubert signed a third good weekend at the heart of the hot summer of the GP3, which planed six races in the one month of July. In the furnace of Budapest, two weeks after he signed his first podium in Silverstone, Anthoine enriched his good record with a new 3rd place throughout the first race on the Hungaroring. The sprint race saw him winning the 5th place and he was the best representative of his team, ART Grand Prix. With 21 points in his Hungarian pouch, he occupied the 3rd place in the Championship and is now 14 points from the leader.

Essais Libres
Météo : Soleil
Température : 29°C

1.  Russell1:32.255
2.  Hyman1:32.340
3.  Fukuzumi1:32.578
12.  Hubert1:33.126

Anthoine Hubert made a good departure of free trials on the Hungaroring track being at the first places, but the new tyres changeover cooled him off despite the extreme warmth of Budapest.

“This track hasn’t been a success in the past, thus I felt less confident at the beginning.  This delicate mark taking with new tyres was not a bad sign, but I had to get back into the good tempo right away !”.

Essais Qualificatifs
Météo : Soleil
Température : 25°C

1.  Aitken1:31.754
2.  Russell1:31.936
3.  Fukuzumi1:32.009
5.  Hubert1:32.308

ART Grand Prix promptly started the qualifications positioning turn by turn his four pilots at the top of the time sheet. At mid-session, from the fourth French musketeers, Anthoine Hubert land the lap, which let him win the provisional pole position before he put on a last set of tyres. Alas! His partners could progress, but Anthoine has been stopped by an incident which invited the commissioners to deploy the yellow flags, then the red ones !

« My engineer and I worked very well and we put everything in the right order since the beginning of the qualifications. I made a little mistake in the first lap of my second run, and I couldn’t realise another lap because of the red flags... a little regret, but big hopes for the race in the light of our potential ! ”.

Course longue
Météo : Soleil
Température : 29°C

1.  Aitken
2.  Fukuzumi+4.489
3.  Hubert+8.946

After a tumultuous start and two periods of neutralization, Anthoine struggled with Boccolacci. The target was the 3rd place of the 22 laps long race. Anthoine mystified his opponent outflanking him on the outside of the second turn. After he lost a few seconds behind Boccolacci in the first laps, there was no chance for Anthoine to make the junction with his two crewmen Jack Aitken and Nirei Fukuzumi, who raced ahead of the race.

« I took a normal start and I fought well with Boccolacci. The fight was clean and exciting! I made a good outflank, but once I was the third, I ensured my place because Aitken and Fukuzumi were too far and I began to suffer with my tyres. The third place was a synonym of big points ! ”.

Course sprint
Météo : Soleil
Température : 24°C

1.  Alesi
2.  Tveter+0.620
3.  Joerg+2.418
5.  Hubert+6.955

Sixth on the grid, Anthoine fought in the heart of the leading group and he alternatively won and lost places in a hard fight which crushed the hopes of many drivers, including Anthoine’s three crewmen. Like the day before, Anthoine find an opening on Boccolacci, but a little mistake forced him to let his compatriot pass.

« The objective was to do better than the 6th place. I outflanked Boccolacci and I was in the 5th place with the perspective to fetch a new podium, but I descended one too many ratio. It slowed me down and I took that advantage to pass. It’s a pity, but I marked good points and I am well placed in the Championship. For the second mid-season, the objective was to increase the performing level while being regular because I’m the only one driver having marked points on each race ”.


1.  Russell92
2.  Aitken83
3.  Hubert78