New podium in Monza


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Low pressure

The low air pressures had shortened the GP3 weekend in Monza in 2017, amputating it from some qualifications and a race. They also disturbed the 2018 edition. The heavy rainfall on the autodromo nazionale di Monza removed 20 of the 30 minutes of free trials. Anthoine found its feet in record time and he held the pole position for a long time before to be dispossessed by David Beckmann, for 11 thousandth, in the last seconds of the session.

« On the morning, rain was pouring down… and the forecast announced four times more in the afternoon ! I was sure we couldn’t drive for the day, but it eventually got better. With 10 minutes of free trials, we just checked everything was good. During the qualifications, I had mixed feelings, because without my last lap run after a light rain, I could have been 16th or 17th. Meanwhile Beckmann confessed that he had made the perfect lap, and it was not my case. It’s quite infuriating, but the 2nd place was a good starting point and I had no opponent before me ».


Free trials :

1.Calderón (Jenzer Motorsport) 1:40.045
2.Mazepin (ART Grand Prix) 1:40.165
3.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 1:40.191
4.Hughes (ART Grand Prix) 1:40.233
5.Alesi (Trident) 1.40.339



1.Beckmann (Trident) 1:37.959
2.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 1:37.970
3.Pulcini (Campos Racing) 1:38.158
4.Correa (Jenzer Motorsport) 1.38.181
5.Alesi (Trident) 1.38.203


High pressure

On a wet track, the drivers of the GP3 were under high pressure. Anthoine made an incisive start, but he saw Beckmann falling back on him and force him to drive in a puddle at the beginning of the first turn. Losing the adherence, Anthoine went straight on and he finished the first lap in the 3rd position. He found back the 2nd position during the second lap overcrossing Pulcini. For a while, he drew near Beckmann thanks to a best lap in provisional race, but he couldn’t make the junction with the German driver. He signed his 9th podium of the year, which let him increase his advance on Ilott and Mazepin at the championship.

« I tried to brake as late as Pulcini who fell back on me. I had not planned to cut the bend, but crossing a slippery plate, I had to go straight ahead. Once 2nd, I needed a few laps to be totally efficient and Beckmann had already widened the gap. Without DRS, I had no chance to come back on him. Thus, I tried to make the best lap in race, I succeeded and I finally lost it at the end because the track was always evolving ».


Race 1

1.Beckmann (Trident) 22 tours en 41:55.494
2.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) +6.018
3.Ilott (ART Grand Prix) +13.789
4.Laaksonen (Campos Racing) +15.886
5.Mazepin (ART Grand Prix) +16.559


Bad pressure

A new decisive start let Anthoine jump from the 7th to the 4th place since the first hectometres of the second Italian set. He went one step up in the 2nd lap and he lay in wait behind the two leaders, Piquet and Alesi. The duel between the two Trident let the group gathering behind Anthoine who couldn’t push Ilott’s last attack back. Respectively 3rd and 4th under the checkered flag, Ilott and Anthoine have been downgraded when the technical control revealed that their left rear tyre pressure was under the legal minimum.

« It was a small aspiration train behind the two Tridents and with the DRS each one of us came back on the driver before him. I didn’t find an opening and Callum overcrossed me at the right moment. Before the race, I thought a place in the top 4 could be a very good operation, but in the end, to miss a podium whereas it was ready to welcome me is disappointing. That being said, even this 4th place flew away with this tyre pressure problem… However, the weekend remains positive because we were constantly in the fight for the 1st place »


Race 2

1.Piquet (Trident)
2.Alesi (Trident) +0.419
3.Mazepin (ART Grand Prix) +2.603
DSQ. Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) +1.864


Championship :

1.Anthoine Hubert 176 points
2.Ilott 147
3.Mazepin 147