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2 without 3

Anthoine and his team, ART Grand Prix, had conscientiously prepared the 6th meeting of the GP3 focusing on the races of Spa-Francorchamps, first track of a series where the pole position was not a fundamental requirement. Author of the 5th best time during the trials, Anthoine fought for the advantage of a 3rd consecutive pole position. However, if the adage says « never 2 without 3 », Anthoine saw his series of pole positions ceasing in a breath.

« I was a little bit frustrated because I succeeded two consecutive pole position in Silverstone and Budapest and I wanted a third one », Anthoine said. « But on the other side, Trident was very competitive in Spa and to start from the 1st line was not a bad operation knowing the many overtaking opportunities of this track ».

Free trials

1.Beckmann (Trident) 2:06.111
2.Piquet (Trident) 2:06.216
3.Alesi (Trident) 2:06.524
4.Tveter (Trident) 2:06.680
5.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 2:07.073


1.Beckmann (Trident) 2:04.335
2.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 2:04.479
3.Piquet (Trident) 2:04.529

Emotional Toboggan

On the toboggan of the Ardennes, Anthoine lived an emotional elevator during the first race. Felt from the 2nd to the 4th place at the beginning, he was not far from the abandon at the end of the turn of La Source. But then, he got back on track, he succeeded the fastest lap in race and he won his 7th podium of the season.

« It had just rained and the track was wet in places. I slipped a lot at the beginning and I lost a few places », Anthoine remembered.« There was a lot of clashes in the bottleneck of the first turn and I thought something was broken on the car. Fortunately, nothing was and I immediately took a good place back. I needed a very little bit more to make a better race than the 3rd place, but it was enough because in these difficult conditions, the race could have ended very soon for me. Finally, I made a good operation in the championship with this new podium ».

Race 1

1.Beckmann (Trident)
2.Tveter (Trident) +1.363
3.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) +2.027

And 8!

On the grand 8 of Spa-Francorchamps, Anthoine ended his weekend with an 8th podium. Left from the 6th position, he methodically overtook his opponent and he showed a great sense of control to come back to the 2nd place and to widen the gap in the championship.

« With each DRS I made an overtaking », Anthoine smiled.« One left to overtake Ilott who is my most serious opponent in the championship. I thought it was important to succeed, both mathematical and morally. I gave everything I had and I did it ! ».

After the overtaking, Anthoine was subject to Callum Ilott’s DRS. But he found the resources to get himself out of reach from the DRS of the British pilot. « It was a very pleasant weekend even though I wanted to do better. But when Alain Prost said I managed the event very well, I put my little frustrations aside ! »

Race 2

1.Mazepin (ART Grand Prix)
2.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) +1.840
3.Ilott (ART Grand Prix) +4.658

On the way to Monza

Anthoine doesn’t have the time to savor his Belgian success. Monza will welcome next weekend the 7th of the 9 meetings of the GP3.

« It’s good when two tracks follow one another in the calendar and on which we know overtaking are possible, and even eased by the DRS. The perspective of good races, animated, is still cheery », Anthoine explained. « I will approach Monza as I did since the beginning of the year, with the

intention of fighting for the 1st place, but also the wisdom to settle for places of honor if the pole position and the victory are not possible, » Anthoine concluded. He has 158 points at the championship, against 132 for his teammate Calum Ilott and 125 for Nikita Mazepin.

Ask for the programme !

The second race of Monza will be broadcast live on Canal + Sport.

All the weekend and notably the two races may be watched on live timing on : http://www.gp3series.com/Live-Timing


  • Free trials : Friday, 31 August at 9:30 am (45 minutes)
  • Qualifying trials : Friday, 31 August at 5:50 pm (30 minutes)
  • Race 1 : Saturday, 1st September at 10:30 am (22 laps)
  • Race 2 : Sunday, 2 September at 09:40 am (17 laps)