Anthoine on Silverstone Podium

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Silverstone

Anthoine continues his rise in GP3 by signing a first row and a podium in the first race closely fought on the legendary Silverstone circuit. After a good start in the second race, he was fighting for a new big-scoring result when Alessio Lorandi spurred him and forced him off track. Returning to the track in 9th place, Anthoine found the resources to get the point of the 8th place. He took second place in the championship, with 57 points, 35 points from his teammate George Russell, but ahead of his two other teammates, Nirei Fukuzumi and Jack Aitken.

Free Practice
Weather : Cloudy
Temperature : 19°C

1.  Russell1:46.738
2.  Fukuzumi1:47.099
3.  Aitken1:47.334
4.  A. Hubert1:47.377

With a threatening sky, the only free practice session went at lightning speed. Two laps to take his marks, a pair of others to seek for a time and then work on the longer term to mimic a race relay. "Silverstone reminds me of good memories as I won my first race in Eurocup in 2015. It is a magnificent layout that requires a big heart. The free practice session was intense and interesting. The car was immediately in on it, me too and it was auspicious for later".

Qualifying practice
Weather : Cloudy and windy
Temperature : 18°C

1.  G. Russell1:46.608
2.  A. Hubert1:46.714
2.  Fukuzumi1:46.833

Once again threatening, the weather pushed the drivers to rush on track. The pole position has changed hands several times - it was especially in those of Anthoine at the beginning of the session - before choosing George Russell. Two minutes from the end, Anthoine offered himself the first row on the grid. "The performance was good and I made a good qualification. A tenth is a lot and a little at the same time, but I made a good qualification given the previous ones! ".

Feature race
Weather : Cloudy
Temperature : 19°C

1.  Russell
2.  A. Hubert+1.128
3.  Lorandi+1.555

Anthoine made an impeccable start and led the race ahead of George Russell, Niko Kari and Jack Aitken. He maintained the lead for three laps until Russell took advantage of the DRS to overtake him. Then, Anthoine attacked his teammate while responding to Kari's attacks. At the end of an intense race, Anthoine climbed on the second step of the podium. "The raw result is good even if I have a little regret deep inside me ... I come out first and I remain so for several laps. At that moment, victory was my goal. It was tight with George right ahead of me and Kari just behind. It had to manage the DRS zones calmly. I could have been more aggressive, but I scored some good points and I did a great race, which is important from in every way”.

Sprint race
Weather : Sunny
Temperature : 20°C

1.  Alesi
2.  Aitken+0.724
3.  Kari+1.431
8.  A. Hubert+8.447

Anthoine made a good start and won a position before losing one when Russell overtook him in the first lap. He was in a fight with the Englishman and Maini to enter the top 4 when Lorandi made him lose four places by pushing him off the track four laps from the finish. Anthoine found the resources to go back up to 8th place. "I had a good pace, but the Safety Car got the pack together. I was preparing my attack on Maini by changing my trajectory, but Lorandi saw a chance to plunge inside! He braked too late and made me lose three places when I was absolutely not at fault. It's frustrating. I'm second in the championship and even if George has taken a lead, I will continue to work to score the maximum points for each race. "


1.  Russell92
2.  Anthoine Hubert57
3.  Fukuzumi54