Double success in Barcelona for Anthoine

Anthoine devient Pilote Affilié Renault Sport

© Renault F1 Team

Renault driver

At the beginning of the Barcelona weekend where the starting top of the GP3 championship was given, Anthoine won his first success with the announcement of his new status as Renault Sport affiliated Driver. Anthoine is the pioneer of the French car manufacturer’s new programme whose goal is to support the new talents providing them their expertise and infrastructure. Anthoine will notably benefit of a physical training programme and of the Formula 1 Race Team’s simulator.

« To become a Renault Sport affiliated Driver is a wonderful opportunity for my career. Renault is one of the biggest car manufacturers, and it is also a brand which enjoys its rich F1 history. There is no doubt that it will know new successes » Anthoine declared. « I’m proud to wear Renault’s logo and colors. Now, it’s for me to play to climb the scale they’re holding out to me! ».


First Podium

Bathing in the glory of his new status, Anthoine started off on the right foot in the 2018 GP3 championship dominating the major part of the free trials, then signing the 3rd best time in qualifications, missing the pole position within a hair. « After a first satisfying attempt which ranked me second after my crewman Nikita Mazepin, I couldn’t have the same stability at the beginning of the second run, » Anthoine regrets. « I needed two laps before I could find back good sensations and attack. I couldn’t make any mistake and in this condition, to get the 3rd place on the grid was a positive result. »

A good start allowed Anthoine to be placed in a sandwich between two of his crewmen, Nikita Mazepin leading and Callum Ilott behind him. To attack the first while defending from the second was prejudicial to the Frenchman tyres. He slid to the 3rd rank before he found back his gain and to keep it until the arrival. « My tyres had graining soon enough in the race. When Callum exceeded me, I thought I couldn’t be better than 3rd. But adapting my driving, I allowed my tyres to be alive again. I took advantage of the DRS to exceed Callum and to do the best lap ! » Anthoine explained..


Championship Leader

After the application of the reversed grid for the second race, Anthoine soared from the 7th position on the Sunday morning, with rain tyres on a wet track. Being the author of a sparkling flight, he ended the first lap at the 2nd position and he put pressure on the leader, Giuliano Alesi, during the event. But the exit of many security cars split Anthoine’s effort, who couldn’t attack his compatriot. « After neutralization, we don’t have DRS and the aspiration is quite null with rain tyres » Anthoine observed. « So I had no chance to take the command, but this second place was a satisfaction. Without this first ideal lap, I probably could not have made the same race nor scored so many points. It’s good for the team and it’s

good for me because I’m at the head of the championship. The season is beginning very well ! ».

Leader du championnat

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Free trials

  1. Hughes (ART Grand Prix) 1:32.908
  2. Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 1:33.390
  3. Polcini (Campos Racing) 1:33.490
  4. ...


  1. Polcini (Campos Racing) 1:32.258
  2. Mazepin (ART Grand Prix) 1:32.315
  3. Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 1:32.405
  4. ...

Race 1

  1. Mazepin (ART Grand Prix
  2. Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) + 3.6 / Best lap in race
  3. Ilott (ART Grand Prix) + 7.1
  4. ...

Race 2

  1. Alesi (Trident)
  2. Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) + 2.0
  3. Hughes (ART Grand Prix) + 2.3
  4. ...


  1. fr Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 32
  2. ru Nikita Mazepin (ART Grand Prix) 25
  3. fr Gioliano Alesi (Trident) 23
  4. gb Callum Ilott (ART Grand Prix) 17
  5. it Leonardo Polcini (Campos Racing) 16
  6. fr Dorian Boccliacci (MP Motorsport) 16