Anthoine on the podium of Jerez

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Jerez

Anthoine completed the two Andalusian races of the GP3 Series Championship at the 5th and 3rd places. He scored big points at Jerez de la Frontera and is the most constant driver of the set. Anthoine is the 4th of the Championship. The final of the season will take place on 25 and 26 November in Abu Dhabi.

Free trials
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 27°C

1.  Russell1:30.214
2.  Aitken1:30.287
3.  A. Hubert1:30.399

Anthoine got a good start on the track of Jerez de la Frontera where he has always shown his best skills. He signed the 3rd best time of the session, very close to Jack Aitken and 2 tenths from Fukuzumi.

“I felt at ease since the beginning of the free trials. The team and I have done a good job and it was promising for the following of the weekend”.

Qualifying trials
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 30°C

1.  Fukuzumi1:30.678
2.  Aitken1:30.847
3.  Russell1:30.889
4.  Ticktum1:31.031
5.  A. Hubert1:31.140

Under the hot Andalusian sun, Anthoine made a good session start and signed the 3rd best chrono with his first set of tyres. But while some competitors progressed with their second sets of Pirelli tyres, Anthoine butted up against the traffic and ended the session at the 5th place.

“My first lap was good and the second was not amazing with an accumulation of little elements which caused issues. The traffic prevented me from pushing the tyres in temperature, I slightly blocked a wheel. Nothing definite, but the little details makes the difference”.

Long race
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 31°C

1.  Fukuzumi
2.  Russell+1.5
3.  Aitken+3.1
4.  Ticktum+5.4
5.  A. Hubert+8.1

Anthoine made a good start and reached the 5th position in Ticktum’s aspiration. However, the Englishman dearly defended his position and Anthoine’s attempts were not successful.

“Even with the DRS, it was very difficult to be able to overpass in Jerez, especially when the tyre degradation isn’t very clear. I made a good start, but the first turn came quickly and then the opportunities to overrun a competitor were very rare. It was quiet races, but I don’t see how I could have been better”..

Sprint race
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 20°C

1.  Lorandi
2.  Boccolacci+0.7
3.  A. Hubert+1.7

Fourth on the starting grid, Anthoine found back Ticktum on his road since the first meters of the race. But putting two wheels in the dirt, he saw the Englishman go past him. Anthoine came back to him in the 10th of the 17 laps of the race and, as he engaged a duel with Ticktum and Kari, he took the opportunity of a little skirmish between his two rivals which let Ticktum in the gravels to take the 4th place. The Finn has been downgraded at the end of the race, so Anthoine signed his fourth podium of the year.

“I took a good start and I resisted to Ticktum, but I made a little mistake putting two wheels in the gravels so he took the opportunity to overpass me. I came back to him and Kari, and they touched while we were all three in the battle. It was the opportunity I needed to win places so I took it. The global result of the weekend is not the one I hoped for, but I still have a chance to realise my goal of victory in Abu Dhabi. I will go without any complex and any restraint, with the determination to give everything to end the season on a high note”.


1.  Russell190
2.  Aitken140
3.  Fukuzumi134
4.  A. Hubert117

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The GP3 Series is taking a break and will fight the final in the Formula 1 opening, on the track of Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, on 25 and 26 November.