Anthoine moves up a gear in Barcelona

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Barcelone

The Spanish inn 

One month after Estoril’s trials where he really met his single-seater of the GP3, Anthoine Hubert is back on tracks. Two trial days in Barcelona this week, followed by a rolling session in Valencia on 25 and 26 April. “I’m so happy to be back behind the wheel and to develop the work initiated in Estoril with this Spanish campaign.” Anthoine smiles. “Unlike Estoril, the Barcelona track isn’t unknown to me. It makes it much easier to come right to the point without hesitation.”

Processing operations

In Estoril, due to the lack of time and the capricious weather, Anthoine and his team, ART Grand Prix, had flown all the parameters of a race weekend. In Barcelona, time for deepening has come. “The last time, we rough-hewed well the work and didn’t drive so much. This time, the goal was to review everything in detail: tyres exploitation on one track and over time, track and departure simulations. Our programme was generous!” Anthoine explains. With nearly 200 laps on the counter, Anthoine could review all the phases of a weekend track diligently and with serenity. “It was a very interesting and productive week which gave us the sense of accomplishment!”.

Ascending curve

An accomplishment which pays off with the second best time signed by Anthoine on the first day of the Catalan trials. He will have to confirm his progression in Valencia, the last step before the opening of the GP3 Championship, on 12 May in Barcelona. “The performance is ensured and it’s rewarding. But there is still work to do: we will have to consolidate our achievements in Valencia and to confront us with different issues on the track and with the weather. We are on the right way and I have every confidence in the team and in my abilities to make another step forward in Valencia”, Anthoine concludes.