Anthoine takes stock of his wintry trials in F2

© Dutch Photo Agency

2.000 km

Anthoine Hubert participated in the two wintry trial sessions organized by the set of Formula 2. The G3 defending champion had the opportunity to discover his new working tool and to find its feet with his new racing team, HWA Arden. In six days of trials equally distributed between Jerez de la Frontera (late February) and Barcelona (early March), Anthoine ranged nearly 2.000 km.

« The trials followed one another so quickly and it was important for me as for the team to take good marks without losing time : start, qualifications and race simulations, we reviewed everything and in particular the pit stops which were new for me. I have to learn to place the car well without losing seconds… and without ramming a technician ! »

Melting pot

As Anthoine, the HWA Arden team made its first steps in Formula 2. Born from the partnership between Arden (which evolved in F2 and GP3) and HWA Racelab (involved in Formula E and DTM), it gathers staff coming from very different horizons. In this melting pot, the mixing is already on the way to success…

« The team and I have a lot to learn, , but the positive aspect is that we progressed a lot and I feel a great motivation within the team. Everybody share the same goals and the first of them will be to exploit better the tyres in qualifications. Indeed, at the present time, we feel a bit of grip and we are not able to maximize the car. In race, our rhythm is way better since we were in the top 8 in Barcelona. The personal and collective challenge is very exciting, I look forward to sustain the challenge ! »