Anthoine can’t get rid of his bad luck in Austria

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The weekends are consecutive but they don’t look like each other

« When your luck is out, it’s really out... » Anthoine summarized at the end of the weekend of the Red Bull Ring, the 3rd of the GP3 Championship. Only the session of free trials would have spared the young French pilot, author of an honourable and promising 5th best time. « We have all be surprised using the soft tyres, but we found the rhythm and a good balance. I was confident for the qualifications » Anthoine explained, best representative of the team ART Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, he risked crashing in his fast lap at the moment where all the peloton kept increasing the time. The top 5 which the leader of the championship was part of turned in 19th time.


Free trials

1.Tveter (Trident) 1:19.709
2.Laaksonen (Campos Racing) 1:20.150
3.Mawson (Arden International) 1:20.263
4.Kari (MP Motorsport) 1:20.298
5.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 1:33.349



1.Ilott (ART Grand Prix) 1:19.209
19.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix) 1:20.003


Disrupted Remontada

Anthoine made an excellent start and reached the 8th place synonymous of pole position for the second session, when he has been harpooned twice in two laps. He felt to the 17th place and saw his remontada being stopped. « Despite a disappointed qualification, I knew we had the potential to make our way up the table and my goal was the top 8 to leave on the 1st place on tomorrow. In a heartbeat, I fell from a nearly successful mission to a score of zero for all the weekend. It was a big frustration ! » Anthoine conceded. With Calum Ilott’s victory, he also lost the lead of the championship.


Race 1

1.Ilott (ART Grand Prix)
2.Pulcini (Campos Racing)
3.Lorandi (Trident)
17.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix)


Sterile ascent

The second race let Anthoine show he still had the rhythm of the best drivers on the Red Bull Ring. Indeed, he reached the 9th place from the 17th and attacked the graded 8th who roughly defended himself making him lose two places. « I had to use the DRS to reach my position and after that, I didn’t have any for the remainder of the race. That’s the slings and arrows of the race, they severely penalized me in Austria. But the championship is long and I will stay strong, » Anthoine concluded.


Race 2

1.Hughes (ART Grand Prix)
2.Piquet (Trident)
3.Pulcini (Campos Racing)
9.Anthoine Hubert (ART Grand Prix)



1.Callum Ilott 69
2.Anthoine Hubert 63
3.Leonardo Pulcini 61
4.Nikita Mazepin 51


On the way to England

The GP3 championship will flow his third consecutive race weekend from 6 to 8 July with for next step the mythical track of Silverstone. Last year, Anthoine launched in the main race since the 1st line and he reached the second step of the podium. « I knew successes on this track and there is no reason we couldn’t find back the positive dynamic of the first two meetings of Barcelona and the Castellet », Antoine certified. « I will go to Silverstone with the goal to target the pole position and the victory ».


Ask for the programme !

The second race of Silverstone will be broadcast on Canal + Sport.

All the weekend may be watched live timing on :




  • Free trials : 09:35 am (45 minutes)
  • Qualifications : 6:05 pm (30 minutes)


  • Race 1: 6:45 pm


  • Race 2: 09:20 am