Anthoine at the foot of the podium for his debuts in GP3 in Barcelona

Anthoine Hubert - Chammiponnat GP3 Series - 2017 - Barcelone

Anthoine has completed a promising start in the extremely selective GP3 Series Championship. On the track of Catalunya, Barcelona, Anthoine signed two finishes in the top five without any false move and ended the weekend at the foot of the podium. He left Spain with the assurance to be able to make of this season a key step in his career.

Free Trials
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 24°C

1.  Fukuzumi1:35.933
2.  Maini1:36.286
12.  Anthoine Hubert1:36.619

After he signed the fourth best time at the start of the session, Anthoine worked in the substance and left the form to his competitors. “Unlike most drivers, we didn't use new tyres in the second part of the session; otherwise we would have easily led the way. Those first free trials of the year have been very positive”.

Qualifying trials
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 16°C

1.  Aitken1:34.187
2.  Fukuzumi1:34.358
10.  Anthoine Hubert1:34.866

Played at dawn, the qualifications literally and figuratively cast a chill on the Catalan weekend. “The track was fresher than the previous day and I had difficulties to enter in the good pace and to exploit the tyres energy. I lost a centimetre here, another one there and the bill was high with a so tight hierarchy!”.

Course Feature
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 24°C

1.  Fukuzumi0.0
2.  Pulcini+7.4
3.  Lorandi+7.9
4.  Russell+11.8
5.  Anthoine Hubert+12.1

In the Spanish land, Anthoine realised a “remontada” from the 10th to the 5th place in the first race of Barcelona. He exploited the capacity of his single-seated car and he ingeniously used the DRS to get methodically rid of his opponents and to afford a great 5th place for his debuts in GP3. “I knew the race would be more fluent than the qualifications. I always loved this exercise and even if there could be unknown aspects with a new peloton in a new Championship, I quickly found my feet. The car prepared by ART Grand Prix was very efficient and pleasant to drive; it greatly facilitated the overtaking.”

Course Sprint
Weather : Sunshine
Temperature : 20°C

1.  Maini0.0
2.  Boccolacci+6.0
3.  Lorandi+7.1
4.  Anthoine Hubert+8.2

Since the 4th place on the grid, Anthoine had a great start which enabled him to follow the top trio. Once the use of the DRS allowed, he exceeded a competitor and then he tackled Dorian Boccolacci, who used any skill to resist. “I wanted to exceed him quickly to be able to chase the leader because I had great ambitions at the start of the race. Unfortunately, I was a bit too far from him in the straight line and my DRS weren't enough to offset this lack of speed. He pushed me away twice or thrice on the exterior and then, without DRS, I was an easy target for Lorandi. A podium was at my feet and I was really disappointed by the gross result, but this first weekend was positive with big points and a difference of only 9 points with the leader.”


1.  Fukuzumi29
2.  Lorandi25
3.  Maini21
5.  Anthoine Hubert20

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The next GP3 races will take place on 8 and 9 July on the Red Bull Ring track, Austria. In the meantime, Anthoine will sit behind his GP3 wheel throughout the trials of Budapest, on 6 and 7 June. “I also kept a foot in the race on my way to Pau to watch my friends driving. Then, I'll go to Monaco to follow the F1, the F2 and the Formule Renault 2.0. Despite the long break of the GP3, I will always think about the car racing!”